Paint Your Prayers

A painting pilgrimage to the Great Goddess within

Sadly these personal retreats are on hold due to the global pandemic.

Would you like to experience a HeArt-filled painting journey, rich in ritual, to discover the alchemy of your Wise Feminine Soul? Do you feel a disconnect within amidst the uncertainty of life? Does your heart long to find its voice through conscious creative expression? Join me on this two day painting pilgrimage, designed for both beginner and experienced painters, and access your deep inner wisdom

With paint as a portal to our creative source we will invite the sacred and give voice to our muse to express and give us guidance in ways we could not hear before.

We will journey to connect with your inner Wise Woman, Mother, Goddess, Divinity, Shakti, however you like to imagine Her, who will guide you energetically through the process.  Through every step of this pilgrimage you with weave your intentions, your prayers and longings into the very fabric of the painting so that like any pilgrimage you invite transformation for yourself and the world. You will learn painting techniques, play and explore composition, but it is during the twists and turns of the painting journey where the understanding and insights emerge. We will practice being present to our embodied experience, allowing the emergence of the painting with mindfulness.  This is where you will find the real learning; that what you discover about yourself and your creative response to life is the key to transformation. This is the alchemy offered by your Wise Instinctive Feminine Soul.

This is Kate’s experience of a previous version of this painting retreat:

“The Wild Heart Medicine Painting experience was amazing! I loved the whole experience! Kamini is a natural guide to painting. She gently encourages and helps you to experiment with new paints and techniques. Freeing you to explore and create… Helping you let go of perfectionism, washing over colours and rubbing away to reveal images and magical effects!

I learned how to paint a face, something I had avoided as it felt too difficult. With Kamini painting next to me I was able to be confident! The side by side approach is brilliant. Trying out and the ability to redo, work over or change was freeing. Time dissolves away as you become absorbed in the process of creativity. . . I enjoyed experimenting with paint, visualising my goddess.   It felt the perfect time to let go and go inside to express my inner divine feminine soul in a visual representation. I would encourage you to enjoy this deeply transformative experience.” Kate Harris, Devon.

Through deep connection with our soul, this alchemical approach to painting guides us along a path of intentional expression and inner healing through honoring the feminine within.  During this ritual rich process we experience the light of Beauty and the spark of creative Source that lies within each of us

The Journey:
  • Two day (usually 11am-4pm) one-to-one painting experience with easy to follow, side-by-side demonstration of painting techniques and stages.
  • Gentle guidance and support in deepening your intuition, & artistic voice
  • Practice deep listening to witness the wisdom arising from your soul
  • The magic of holding art as a mirror and powerful teacher of transformation
  • New ways of relating to your critic’s voice so it can relax and give up control
  • Uncensored permission to explore, engage, and celebrate your creative Self
  • Open the door to Beauty, step into transparency, and reclaim your Self Worth

What is included: All materials, 10 hours of one-to-one guidance, a simple lunch and refreshments. You will go home with a 36”x24” painting on canvas.

Your Investment: £275* and your heart open to the unfolding magic!

*This price is for a non residential journey taken at my home studio in Devon on the edge of Dartmoor National Park. To book and for more information please contact me.

This is Lisa’s experience of a previous version of this painting retreat:

“Thank you, for your grounded and natural feminine presence throughout the process, I felt welcomed and a sense of safety. I valued your holding the space, as a two day mini retreat, which I really needed. The ritualistic elements where a real nourishment, in awakening the sense of sacred and intimacy of the present moment. 

I hadn’t expected to be so inspired by the process, or the painting. I valued your encouragement to play with the process of painting and it was good to hear you repeat a few times, that you can correct things easily on the painting. I felt this helped me relax, each time I heard it. 

During the Process, I felt you where like a midwife, assisting the birth of this Goddess onto Canvas. Now a few days later – I see you where also assisting her birth, in the outer expression of myself.”  Lisa Anderson, Devon.