Creating Space: Mindfulness & Creative Inquiry Retreats for Women

7-11 March, 2021 (4 nights) Check Venue for updates.

29 Sept-3 Oct, 2020 (4 nights) Fully Booked!

June 3-7, 2019 (4 nights) Fully Booked!

October 7-11, 2019 (4 nights) Fully Booked!

February 28- March 4, 2018 Fully Booked

May 27-31,  2018 (4 nights) Fully Booked

November 25-29, 2018 (4 nights) Fully Booked!

Hosted by Sharpham House Retreats a beautiful grade 1 listed retreat venue in Devon

“It is what I was born for –

To look, to listen,

To lose myself inside this soft world –

To instruct myself

Over and over

in joy, and acclamation.”

Mary Oliver, from Mindful

Imagine a space where you can take time out for yourself, relax, breathe deeply, play and experiment with mindfulness in the supportive company of other women. A space to be guided into your natural creative flow of wellbeing.

During this retreat you’ll have a safe and supportive setting in which to discover – or rediscover – your internal resources, finding your way to a more joyful, harmonious life with focus and enhanced insight.

This retreat is not a course in creativity or art, but a chance to engage with mindfulness in a creative and non-judgmental way.

Using simple mark-making exercises, journaling, creative writing, stillness and movement, sound-making and listening, simple games and partner-work, we explore the present moment in fun and interesting ways.

This creative approach helps us to examine and identify the thoughts and feelings, the habitual responses and repetitive stories that inhibit our joy.

By engaging and reconnecting with our bodies, we can learn ways of releasing stress, ways to respond differently and more creatively to life.

The retreat is for women aged 18 and above.

This retreat is for you if you’re:

  • new to mindfulness practice or are looking to sustain and reconnect with your practice in a new way
  • interested in exploring your own spontaneous creative response
  • feeling stuck creatively and would like the chance to experiment and play
  • in need of rest, rejuvenation and renewal
  • looking for tools and resources to sustain you in your everyday life
  • looking to deepen your experience in a relaxed, supportive environment with other women
  • a coach, therapist or other professional looking for new ways to explore your mindfulness in your work with women

All bookings and enquiries are being handled by Sharpham House Retreats. Click here for full details