2017 UK Programme

Imagine a space to create, to breathe, connect with your centre of calm and connectedness; a space of flow and inspiration and a profound sense of wellbeing. Where images and visions that emerge bring insights and wisdom that inform your life.  A space where you are gently helped to relax and clear your head so you can have access to clarity, perspective and strength to meet the world. A creative space that connects you with a deep alignment within, allowing you to express freely and tap into the wild healing medicine of your Wise Soul.

Join me on a creative journey, a quest to embrace play, seriously, intensely, spontaneously, taking risks, experimenting, committing to what’s happening, being fully in the moment, letting go of judgments and attachment to an outcome. This quest through life to stay open, spontaneous, willing to be surprised, seeing nothing as a mistake, where everything becomes workable and working creatively with whatever comes up. Join me to discover the alchemy of your Wild Feminine Soul.

  • Wild Heart Medicine Painting Journey

    Would you like to experience a HeArt-filled journey of painting to discover the alchemy of your Wild Feminine Soul? Does your heart long to find its voice through creative expression? Feel safe, free to release and explore your innate creativity? Join me on this two day personal painting pilgrimage and discover the alchemy of your wild soul.

  • Creative Mindfulness Retreats

    Imagine a space where you can take time out for yourself, relax, breathe deeply, play and experiment with mindfulness in the supportive company of other women. A space to be guided into your natural creative flow of wellbeing. Hosted by Sharpham House Retreats a beautiful grade 1 listed retreat venue, set in the stunning Devon countryside.