11-19 November 2017

Harbour House, Kingsbridge Devon, UK.

This exhibition is a milestone in a journey that began in 1998 when I had, what could be described as a mystical experience in meditation of intense sensations through my body.  Drawn to express this energy through my artwork I found myself working with clay.  At this point my art and spiritual practice converged as I began my journey into Vajrayana Buddhism, Shamanism, Shaivism, Goddess cultures and mythology to discover what is described as Shakti, Kundalini, Source Energy, giving rise to the Goddess, Sacred Feminine, and Wild Woman archetypes across cultures.

Harbour House Gallery 2017

Here’s what some visitors had to say:

” A unique exhibition”

“A vibrant journey into the depths! Wonderful”

“Utterly Divine”

“Profound and moving”

“Touched my Soul and I found my heart full and my eyes with tears”

“Soul warming, celebratory images painted with so much stillness, insight and honesty”

“Every work is a world, full and inspirational”

“Beautiful, luminous, inspiring, heartfelt, Soulful!”