Ganeshani (Great Elephant Headed Mother)

40x40cm, Acrylic on canvas

Artists Private Collection

Signed Fine Art Prints available here

I bow to the Beloved Elephant Headed Dancing One!

She is the Great Compassionate Mother,

fiercely protecting and defending

all that is Beloved to Life.


She is the Great Elephant Mother

who embodies the wisdom teachings of

Her four legged family for the

Sacred Circle of Sisterhood.

This is enshrined in

Her string of prayer pearls

threaded together with love, devotion and trust.

Each pearl a symbol of the beauty

that grows out of the grit of life.


With Her holy axe

She cuts through the undergrowth

of your thoughts, uprooting outgrown patterns

to clear the path to your radiant mind.

She dances in the depths to uncover

the treasure of wisdom and compassion

that illuminate your beating heart.


She is Divine Lotus Carrier

that is the flowering of your journey

through the darkness into the light.


Hail Our Beloved Elephant Headed Dancing One!


┬ęKamini Gupta