Artmaking is like prayer for me

when I create I bring presence and reverence to the process.

I feel blessed by and in service of the Beauty being expressed through me into the world.

This art making is a journey through ever changing inner and outer landscapes. I work intuitively, exploring the creative impulse as it arises in the moment through spontaneous expression. Standing on the edge of not knowing is an ongoing journey to stay open, spontaneous and willing to be surprised. A Soul Conversation through art with the symbolic language expressed in the archetypes of ancient myth, ritual art and ceremony; an engagement rooted in the natural rhythms and pulse of the Earth.

Currently working with paint and mixed media on canvas I choose my medium based on what wants to be expressed. My creative practice has included multimedia installation, ceramics, live art and moving image. My work has been featured in magazines, books, film, galleries, museums and in the homes of buyers from across the world.

All these original paintings are on stretched canvas, unframed with painted sides.

Signed prints of all works are available on request and some prints, originals and other magical offerings are available to buy directly online from my Etsy Shop SoulArtAlchemy.

I am constantly updating the images on the online shop and here in the gallery so if you can’t find the image you want please let me know.

If you are interested buying in my original artwork, commisioning a piece or to enquire about sizes and prices of prints please get in touch