Welcome to my HeArt Space

Here you can see my current work as well as past creative projects. I choose the media according to what needs to be expressed and enjoy painting, sculpting in clay, multimedia installation, film, performance art and words.

  • Paintings

    This work is a process of accessing and releasing the voice of inner wisdom, the Source, Divine Guidance, The Beloved, Soul, Shakti, the Goddess, however one wants to describe it, through painting. I start by listening deeply and allowing myself to be guided by the inspiration calling me whether it be a feeling, shapes & colours in the landscape, an image, the paint colours in my palette or a movement from within.

  • Words

    I write poetry, poetic prose and fiction. My writing explores archetypal and metaphysical landscapes, personal development and consciousness and is closely connected to my own spiritual and personal journey, my love of Beauty and the Divine Feminine.

  • Installations

    I create site responsive multimedia installations. My work explores environmental concerns, connecting the local to the global and has a strong participatory focus. I often invite the viewer to co-create the work. Ritual, cross-cultural connections and the experience of migration have informed this work.

  • Theatre Design

    My early career was as a graphic designer, later I trained as a theatre designer achieving a First Class Honours Degree from Rose Bruford College and have a wide experience over ten years of designing for a range of theatre spaces and productions nationally.

  • Community Arts

    I have wide experience teaching and facilitating arts workshops in schools, colleges and the community. I bring a cross-cultural focus to my educational practise, which also offers cross-curricular applications. I aim to inspire participants to explore creative and positive forms of self-expression, to promote positive self-image. Support and encourage trust, interaction and the development of relationships that acknowledge and respect each individual's contribution