Art is my Prayer

For me Art is synonymous with Life. I see being human as a creative process and I want my life to be an expression of Beauty, balance and connectedness, in harmony with the natural rhythms of the Earth.

My approach honours the innate wisdom of the body and the transformative power of deep listening that allows the intuitive guidance of the Soul to find expression. My life is inspired and guided by this Soul Conversation, this engagement and dialogue through art with the universal symbolic language expressed in the archetypes of ancient myths, ritual art and ceremony.

My Medicine

Art is my medicine, when I create I connect with my centre of calm and connectedness; I enter a feeling of flow and inspiration and a profound sense of wellbeing. Images and visions that emerge bring insights and wisdom that inform my life.

At the heart of this life-art exploration is the quest for transformation with the knowing that when I express through art (a dance, drawing, poem, song or performance), I am also exploring and healing something in my life. As I approach life this way, challenges, rather than being obstacles, become opportunities to be creative, to use my imagination and intuition, opening to new and healthier ways of being.

My Passion

At this time in history, as never before, we are being called to take radical action to stop the destruction and restore the balance of the Earths eco system. There is a revolution taking place in the hearts of women and men across the world to dismantle the old ruling structures based on personal greed and power to embrace a new paradigm rooted in service, love and interconnectedness. I passionately dedicate my life-art to serve this restoration of Beauty and the Thriving Life of our planet.