Hello, I’m Kamini! (rhymes with harmony)

Thank you for visiting. I’m an Intuitive Artist & Retreat Leader. As a professional artist and designer my career spans a wide range of experience including designing for theatre, publishing and marketing, teaching and facilitating arts workshops in schools, colleges and the community. I am currently leading Creating Space Women’s retreats at Sharpham Trust Centre for Mindfulness in Devon, UK.

My study and practice in the Buddhist tradition began in 1992. In 1998 I had a spontaneous awakening in my body of the Divine Feminine Shakti energy which began to express itself though my artwork and writing. This changed everything! I began my quest to discover and study the Feminine Archetypes across cultures, ancient rituals and sacred art, contemporary writings on Kashmiri Shaivism, and Shamanism. My explorations include dance, free movement, yoga, improvisation and spontaneous, ‘in the moment’ creative expression. The cultural mix of my birth has echoes through my spiritual journey and I am equally at home with the terms Yogini and Priestess!

My Healing Journey

In 2001 I began training as a Drama Therapist but unfortunately after a year had to give up the course as I fell critically ill and had to have life saving surgery. The next seven years was a roller coaster of major life stress and trauma culminating in the sudden death of my husband in 2007.

Needless to say I was knocked off my feet.  My usual strategy of picking myself up and getting on with life wasn’t working, my body just wouldn’t let me. I had no choice but to stop and in this time I learned that healing is a journey, like the seasons, has its own momentum and cannot be rushed. My foundation in the Buddhist teachings, the practice of mindfulness, and my capacity as an artist to be creative and solution-focused in my outlook have without doubt been the essential anchors in my healing journey.

Yoga, Five Rhythms Dance, meditation and journaling, creating art and ritual, and spending time on the land were no longer just hobbies; given priority and space they became my medicine. On my journey I have discovered an unimaginable treasure trove of inner resilience and forged new pathways to sustainable inner peace and wellbeing.

Here’s why I do what I do

Life is short and I want to spend my days being happily engaged with what I love doing, what inspires me and gives my life purpose. I want to live this one precious life with passion and presence, keeping my creative fire burning and lighting up others along the way.

I want this for you Having tasted the honey available to women deep within our sacred feminine source I want to help you drink from this divine wellspring of creativity and wisdom. To find your creative voice, and heal your life.

I want to be the change: Gandhi said ‘be the change you want to see in the world’, and I want to live a sustainable life of a human being and not a human doing! A life lived in balance and harmony, healthy in mind and body with a work/life balance that allows for the heart to breathe in the beauty present in every moment. This is what I want for each one of us, a world in which we are at peace with ourselves and others, living in harmony with the Earth.


Qualifications & Training:

I have a Diploma in Applied Art, BA(Hons)Theatre Design and City & Guilds FAE Teaching Certificate. I am a graduate of the year long course at Sharpham College for Buddhist Studies and Contemporary Inquiry (1998/9), The Shamanic and Ceremonial Way with Annie Spencer (2004/5), the Feminine Leadership training (2014) and the Yogini Initiation Retreat (India 2015) with Chameli Ardagh .  ITECH Diploma in Reflexology, Certificate in Advanced Precision Reflexology, Reiki Level 1 & 2, Laughter Yoga Facilitator Certificate. I am currently attending an 18 month Living Tantra Training with Jan Day.