Are you ready to birth the full passion and power of your feminine wisdom?

It’s been a while since I’ve led a Women’s Temple and recently I have had a few enquiries so it feels like it’s time to gather again. At first I thought we would invite Goddess Saraswati’s creative energy but Goddess Kali had other ideas and wouldn’t stop nagging me. On reflection, given the turbulence in the world, of course it makes complete sense as it’s Her powerful uncompromising wisdom we need to embrace to step into our power and face the challenges ahead.

Come, we will dive deep within to discover this powerful, and often misunderstood, feminine archetype the Great Creatrix and fiercely compassionate Mother Goddess Kali. On a personal level She offers us the opportunity to take back our power, to stand tall in our truth, birth our visions and protect all that we cherish. We are going to dive deep into Her story, feel into our bodies and connect with our inner Great Fiercely Compassionate Mother.

Are you ready to embrace the revolution stirring in your heart?

Kali is, in my mind, one of the Indian Goddess Archetypes most misunderstood. This is mainly because she is most often depicted in her fiercest expression with imagery that is full of symbolism that needs decoding to understand. As I have explored her mythology and wisdom teachings She is the goddess that has most captured my heart and passion so I am excited to invite Her energy into our Women’s Temple.

Let’s fall into Her embrace of uncompromising love, so needed at this time, to break free from our limiting beliefs and cut through the ignorance destroying our planet. The Feminine is rising to bring the world back into balance, are you ready to take your place in the Circle?

Through simple embodiment practices designed to spark inquiry and inspire engagement we will explore the wisdom teachings and archetypal energy of Goddess Kali to bring more understanding and purpose to our experience of being alive in a womens body.

I am delighted that Emily Katsuno will be joining us bringing her beautiful feminine energy to lead us in gentle, yet deeply powerful, Womb Yoga practises. You can find out more about her work here.

This is going to be an unmissable and unforgettable day!

I sincerely hope you to welcome you at the Temple door.

Booking in advance is essential.

Venue: Station Yard Yoga Studio, Ashburton

Time: 10am-5pm.

Investment: £55

To book your place for this  Temple Day please contact me here




Embracing Fierce Love~Women’s Temple Day
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