Sometimes life is quiet, don’t push.

There are no ‘shoulds’.

Peace is inner silence,

Be still and listen

To the quiet whisper of your soul.


She is powerful in her silence.

No need to make noise to be seen

No need to make show to be heard

Get in there, deep inside

And rest in the dance.


Know your flow that

Bubbles and burbles along.

Don’t be clever, simple is good.

Simple is quiet.


She is sleeping in the shade,

Your inside self.

She who dances to the song

In your heart is quietly listening

To the rhythm of your soul beat.


Cradle your knowing,

Your hearts lullaby will

Rock your soul and

Fan the fire of sleeping passion.


Come little one, your feet

Have wings that angels envy

And your eyes closed to darkness

Sparkle like a galaxy of stars

On a moonlit sea.


Come, rock gently, rest.

Sometimes life is quiet

Don’t push or pull.

Listen to the hum of the silence

Be still, let HER dance.



Hello Seeker of Beauty where are you pushing against the natural flow of your life? I know that I am often impatient to taste the fruit before it’s ready to ripen.

With the Devon countryside just bursting with lusciousness I have been inspired to create a space for you escape from the push and pull of your every day to listen deeply and tune into the rhythm of the earth. Come, dance with me on the soft earth as we explore inner and outer landscapes to discover the sacred tremor of life in every moment.

Join me for Creating Space Retreats at Sharpham Centre for Mindfulness where we will dive deep into the silent stillness that cradles all creation to receive the beauty in every sound, in every pulse of movement and every sensation.

So it’s time to get your diary out and create space for a soul date with nature… booking for May and October is open!


Soul Sense: for the impatient one