Soul Sense: for the impatient one

Soul Sense: for the impatient one

Hello Seeker of Beauty where are you pushing against the natural flow of your life? I know that I am often impatient to taste the fruit before it’s ready to ripen. With the Devon countryside just bursting with lusciousness I have been inspired to create a space for you escape from the push and pull of your every day to listen deeply and tune into the rhythm of the earth. Come, dance with me on the soft earth as we explore inner and outer landscapes to discover the sacred tremor of life in every moment.

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The Divine Feminine Painting experience was amazing, I loved it! Kamini is a natural guide to painting. She gently encourages and helps you to experiment with new paints and techniques. Freeing you to play and create... Helping you let go of perfectionism, washing over colours and rubbing away to reveal images and magical effects! Time dissolves away as you become absorbed in the process of creativity. I would encourage you to enjoy this deeply transformative experience.

Kate Harris, Totnes ~After Personal Wild Heart Medicine Painting Journey

You are a warm and skilful facilitator. I felt very well held by you. It is no mean feat to hold space in such a way and you are very gifted at it— you have a great way of harmonising the solemnity of the Sacred with beautiful mirth, humanity and humour. Your process is considered and effective~your vision for this work is really clear. It is so important for women to have people like you to help us access our core truths and power. Hurray for YOU for enabling that!!!

Amy Rose, Bristol ~After Creating Space Mindfulness Retreat

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